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Morbidity of Vietnam veterans: suicide in Vietnam Veterans' children, supplementary report 1

Analyses suicide patterns among Vietnam veterans' children highlighting time trends, age and sex distribution, location and method of suicide.It is a supplementary report to Morbidity of Vietnam Veterans: Volume 3 Validation Study which recommended that suicide in veterans' children be further investigated and the result drawn to the attention of the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service.This report extend the knowledge about the health of Vietnam veterans and their families.

Injury Issues Monitor no. 19, April 2000

The Monitor is published approximately three times annually providing a clearinghouse for information about developments in injury surveillance and prevention

Horse-related injury in Australia

This document reports deaths and injuries associated with riding animals or from animal-drawn vehicle accidents and reviews their magnitude in Australia. In this report, it is assumed that deaths and injuries of 'riders' were horse-related as it is assumed that deaths and injuries from riding animals other than horses would be rare.This report is also available on the NISU website.

Injury deaths Australia 1979-1998: a NISU routine surveillance data report

This report is a web-only publication, available on the NISU website.The National Injury Surveillance Unit has developed a data set which reports Australian injury related deaths from 1979 on, in a uniform fashion. The volume of data available is very large. We plan to release one set of summary tables each year - the latest set of summary tables includes 1998. These tables present injury and poisoning death counts and rates per 100,000 population by five year age groups and sex. Injury and poisoning external causes codes (ICD9 E) are aggregated in five ways in these tables.

Morbidity of Vietnam veterans: a study of the health of Australia's Vietnam veteran community

This report examines the health issues facing Vietnam veterans and their families. It reports on the medical validation of a number of selected conditions found to have a high prevalence in veterans and their children. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare coordinated the medical validation through disease registers and clinicians with the consent of veterans and their children. This report describes the aims, the methods and the results of this validation process and compares the results with the levels expected within the Australian community. The report also recommends further action in following up the patterns of disease and death in veterans and their children.

Breast cancer in Australian women 1982-1996

Provides the latest national information about breast cancer in Australian women and updates the information provided in Breast Cancer in Australian Women 1921-1994. The report presents a series of graphs and tables detailing the numbers of new cases of, and deaths due to, breast cancer, the changing patterns of incidence and mortality over time, and variations between States and Territories and urban and rural areas. It is part of the AIHW's Cancer Series and was commissioned by the National Health and Medical Research Council's National Breast Cancer Centre.

The health and wellbeing of Australia's children

The Monitor is published approximately three times annually providing a clearinghouse for information about developments in injury surveillance and prevention.

Surveillance of cardiovascular mortality in Australia 1985-1996

Presents comprehensive national data on patterns and recent trends in death from cardiovascular disease. Statistics are included on the major components of cardiovascular disease mortality for each State and Territory, and for Indigenous, non-Indigenous, urban, rural and remote populations.

Injury by firearms Australia 1994

A statistical report on injury deaths and hospitalisation due to firearms in Australia in 1994

Cancer in Australia 1989-1990 (with projections to 1995)

Contains nearly 200 pages of cancer incidence and mortality data for 1989 and 1990, with projections to 1995. Overviews and summary tables are presented for each year, highlighting interesting or significant observations from the data. Graphs show age-specific rates and international comparisons for the most common cancers. The bulk of the tables presented are for the most common cancer types, showing age-specific, crude, and age-standardised incidence and mortality rates for males, females and persons. Also included are estimates of the lifetime risk of contracting each type of cancer, the person-years of life lost, and the proportion that each cancer accounts for among all cancers. Five-year average age-standardised incidence and mortality rates, numbers of new cases and deaths are also provided for each State and Territory.

Mortality from cardiovascular disease in Australia

A joint AIHW and University of Newcastle publication. The report describes the patterns and trends in cardiovascular disease mortality, and identifies some gaps and deficiencies in current knowledge and measurement.

Cancer mortality in migrants to Australia 1979-88

Using 49 figures and 93 tables, this report describes the patterns of cancer mortality in migrants to Australia compared with those in the Australian-born population. The report provides details on the most common causes of death among the 24 largest migrant groups and compares these cancer death rates with those for other migrant groups and with rates in the migrants' countries or origin.

Injury mortality amongst Aboriginal Australians

Summarises statistics about the injury mortality amongst Aboriginal Australians.

Mortality surveillance Australia 1981-1992

A reference text on trends in individual causes of death.

Trends in Australian mortality: disease of the circulatory system 1950-1991

This report focuses on one specific chapter of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), namely diseases of the circulatory system (also known as diseases of the cardiovascular system). In particular, the focus in on ischaemic or coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular accident or stroke, hypertension and rheumatic heart disease.

Mortality surveillance Australia 1979-90

A reference text on trends in individual causes of death.

Fertility and mortality of Aborigines living in the Queensland Aboriginal communities: 1972-1990

Analysis of the births and deaths of Aborigines living in the Queensland communities from 1972 to 1990.

Trends in Australian mortality: 1921-1988

Based on data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this publication monitors the trends in male and female mortality for 17 major categories of causes of death for each year between 1921 and 1988.

Overview of Aboriginal health status in Western Australia

Focuses on current State-wide social and health status indicators for Western Australian Aborigines. This report has been prepared for the Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in Custody as part of a consultancy agreement.

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