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released: 22 Aug 2008 media release

'Cancer survival and prevalence in Australia' presents national cancer data on relative survival and prevalence in Australia for invasive cancers other than non-melanoma skin cancer. It provides trend statistics on the survival of persons diagnosed with invasive cancer from 1982-1986 to 1998-2004, and analyses survival outcomes by age, sex, geographic region and socioeconomic status quintile. The report includes data on prevalence by cancer site, age, sex, geographic region and socioeconomic status quintile. To aid in interpretation, the appendices include incidence numbers and rates by geographic region and socioeconomic status quintile.'Cancer survival and prevalence in Australia' is an important reference for anyone interested in cancer outcomes and cancer control planning in Australia.

ISSN 1039-3307; ISBN 978 1 74024 802 0; Cat. no. CAN 38; Internet only

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Publication table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Half title and verso pages
    • Title and verso pages
    • Contents
    • Foreword
    • Acknowledgments
    • Abbreviations
    • Summary
    • Key findings
  • Sections
    • Introduction
      • Purpose
      • Content
      • Methodology
      • Caveats
      • Previous studies
    • Survival by site, sex, age and time period
      • Introduction
      • Main findings
    • Survival by region
      • Introduction
      • Methodology
      • Main findings
    • Survival by socioeconomic status
      • Introduction
      • Interpretation of socioeconomic status categories
      • Main findings
    • Relative survival using the period method
      • Introduction
      • Main findings
    • Age-adjusted relative survival
      • Introduction
      • Main findings
      • Conclusions
    • Prevalence
      • Limited-duration prevalence
      • Five-year prevalence by region and socioeconomic status
    • National Health Priority Area cancers
      • Introduction
  • End matter
    • Appendix A: Derivation of life tables
    • Life tables for the remoteness categories
    • Life tables for the socioeconomic status quintiles
    • Appendix B: Age adjustment of relative survival proportions
    • Appendix C: Supplementary incidence tables
    • Glossary
    • References
    • List of tables
    • List of figures

Recommended citation

AIHW 2008. Cancer survival and prevalence in Australia: cancers diagnosed from 1982 to 2004. /publication-detail/?id=6442468141. Cat. no. CAN 38. Canberra: AIHW. Viewed 19 August 2017 <http://www.aihw.gov.au/publication-detail/?id=6442468141>.

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