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released: 26 Nov 2001 media release

The aim of the BreastScreen Australia Program is to detect invasive breast cancers in women early while they are small and before they have spread beyond the breast; this gives the best chance of effective treatment.This report presents information on breast cancer size and nodal status supplied by BreastScreen Australia and State and Territory cancer registries. It is based on all invasive breast cancers diagnosed in Australia in 1997, and includes tumours diagnosed in women known to have had breast cancer previously.

Cat. no. AIHW 7217; 8pp.; OUT OF PRINT

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Publication table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Key points
  • State and Territory cancer registries
  • BreastScreen Australia Program
  • Cancer size
  • Nodal status
  • Related publications

Recommended citation

AIHW , Australasian Association of Cancer Registries , Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care , National Breast Cancer Centre & BreastScreen Australia 2001. Breast cancer size and nodal status. Cat. no. AIHW 7217. Canberra: AIHW.

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