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released: 1 Jul 1996 author: Mathers C

This report is an important reference that gives information on broad health indicators covering mortality, handicap, disability, perceived health status, illness and accident rates and health service use and on specific health problems such as suicide, motor vehicle traffic accidents, drug dependence, cancers, epilepsy, deafness, smoking and risk drinking. Health differentials among young Australian adults is the fourth and last report in the Health Monitoring Series that systematically documents health differentials in Australia using national population health and mortality data relating to the late 1980s. This report shows that there are clear differentials in the health of young Australians aged 15-24 years according to socioeconomic status, whether the measures of disadvantage are based on family income, education, employment status, or socioeconomic disadvantage of area.

ISSN 1036 6148; ISBN 978 0 642 24702 5; Cat. no. AIHW 124; 212pp.; OUT OF PRINT

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  • Health differentials among young Australian adults 


  • Acknowledgements
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Health indicators and data sources
  • Results
    1. Sex differentials
    2. Family composition differentials
    3. Income differentials
    4. Education differentials
    5. Employment status differentials
    6. Socioeconomic area differentials
    7. State/Territory differentials
    8. Metropolitan/non-metropolitan differentials
    9. Country of birth differentials
    10. Language spoken differentials
    11. Lifestyle differentials
  • Appendixes
    • A Development of summary indicators for self-reported illnesses
    • B Population estimates

Recommended citation

Mathers C 1996. Health differentials among young Australian adults. Health monitoring series no. 4. Cat. no. AIHW 124. Canberra: AIHW.

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