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released: 1 Aug 1991 author: AIHW

A report by the Australian Health Technology Advisory Committee (AHTAC).

ISBN 0642162506; Cat. no. AIHW 276; 50pp.; Internet only



  • Executive  summary
  • Introduction
  • Occurrence and types  of renal  stone disease
  • Therapy options
  • Australian experience  
  • Costs
  • Role of each  therapy   
  • Number and  distribution of ESWL units
  • Future developments in Australia  
  • Conclusions
  • Appendix A: Description of therapies
  • Appendix B: Source and  scope  of data
  • Appendix C: Medicare data    
  • Appendix D: State health authority data  
  • Appendix E: Hospital data  
  • References
  • Acknowledgements   

Recommended citation

AIHW 1991. Renal stone therapy. Cat. no. AIHW 276. Canberra: AIHW. Viewed 21 August 2017 <http://www.aihw.gov.au/publication-detail/?id=6442466504>.

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