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released: 27 Aug 2015 author: AIHW

This fact sheet provides information about the numbers of young people under youth justice supervision who were received into, and/or released from, detention in 2013–14. A reception is when a young person enters detention having not been detained immediately before. Conversely, a release is when a young person leaves detention and is not detained immediately after.

ISSN 2202-1841; ISBN 978-1-74249-775-4; Cat. no. JUV 69; 3pp.; Internet only


Publication table of contents

  • Youth justice fact sheet no. 50
  • Receptions
  • Releases
  • Monthly trends
  • Box 1: Youth justice supervision fact sheets
  • Box 2: Technical notes
  • Verso page

Recommended citation

AIHW 2015. Youth detention entries and exits: 2013–14. Youth justice fact sheet no. 50. Cat. no. JUV 69. Canberra: AIHW. Viewed 19 August 2017 <http://www.aihw.gov.au/publication-detail/?id=60129552603>.

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