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Web reports 

Aged care data and information from the National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse (NACDC) are available in AIHW publications, reports and bulletins. The NACDC publishes an annual web-based report on residential and community-based aged care, containing detailed statistical information on aged care services and facilities, as well as the people in care.

Residential aged care and aged care packages in the community reports:

Other aged care research reports

The NACDC conducts other research into aged care. Some of the resulting publications include: 

A comprehensive directory of aged care publications can be accessed through the aged care publications page, and some detailed data are also available in the online aged care data cubes.

Pathways in Aged Care

The Pathways in Aged Care (PIAC) project is a cohort study that investigates the care pathways and transitions of older Australians. The study created a database that linked aged care assessment data with aged care usage and death records for the first time. The PIAC cohort comprises 105,000 people who were assessed for aged care through the Aged Care Assessment Program in 2003–04. This was then linked to data for use of five main aged care programs from 2003–06, as well as death records (as identified through the AIHW National Death Index) between 2002–03 and 2010–11. The five aged care programs examined were:

  • Commonwealth Home and Community Care (HACC),
  • Veteran's Home Care (VHC),
  • Community Aged Care Packages (CACP),
  • Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH) and EACH (Dementia) Packages, and
  • Residential aged care (RAC).

This database supports an individual-level analysis of different combinations of aged care service use, either at a point in time or over a period of time. AIHW publications that use or are based on the PIAC project include:

The data have also been used in external publications, such as:

  • Karmel R, Gibson D, Anderson P, Wells Y & Duckett S 2012. Care trajectories through community and residential aged care services: disease effects. Ageing & Society 32(8): 1428-1445.
  • Karmel R, Gibson D, Anderson P, Peut A, Wells Y & Duckett S 2010. Empirical aspects of record linkage across multiple data sets using statistical linkage keys: the experience of the PIAC cohort study.  BMC Health Services Research 10:41.