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Fewer cases of golden staph in public hospitals 18 December 2015

Adoption numbers continue to fall, but adoptions by carers reach highest point in the decade 17 December 2015

Nationally, use of seclusion practices in mental health facilities declines 16 December 2015

1 in 2 Australians affected by eye problems—higher for Indigenous Australians 15 December 2015

Higher rate of women giving birth than a decade ago, but this has slowed in recent years 14 December 2015

Mental health and domestic violence continue to be key issues facing homelessness services 11 December 2015

Spending on pharmaceuticals slows, but more prescriptions dispensed 10 December 2015

Falling youth detention numbers means greater over-representation of Indigenous young people 4 December 2015

More hospitalisations for musculoskeletal conditions 3 December 2015


Prisoners report some improvements to health and health behaviours during incarceration 27 November 2015

More women training as specialists in Australia’s medical workforce 26 November 2015

Indigenous Australians more likely to be at risk for, and die from, CVD, diabetes and kidney disease 25 November 2015

Most emergency department patients seen on time 19 November 2015

Patients requiring urgent radiotherapy usually treated within a day, others wait less than two weeks 11 November 2015


Performance indicators show improvements in Indigenous primary health care service delivery 29 October 2015

First-of-its-kind report provides picture of breast cancer in young Australian women 26 October 2015

Children in care at greater risk academically 21 October 2015

Improvements seen in elective surgery waiting times 15 October 2015

New data display helps track safety and wellbeing of Australia’s children and young people 14 October 2015

New report examines ‘pathways’ through youth justice supervision 9 October 2015

Australia’s 50,000 premature deaths—with many potentially avoidable 7 October 2015

‘Ice’ availability and use increasing; more seeking treatment 2 October 2015

More than half of targeted women participate in breast cancer screening program 1 October 2015


Continued slow growth in health spending 24 September 2015

Australians’ use of palliative care services double over the last decade 23 September 2015

Report seeks to understand Australians’ smoking patterns 16 September 2015

Young people better educated, fewer using substances, but weight and diet remain a concern 8 September 2015

Acute kidney injury hospitalisations increasing 7 September 2015

Half of Australians in permanent residential aged care suffer from dementia 4 September 2015


Social housing reduces financial stress and promotes stability for tenants 28 August 2015

Falls most common cause of injury—with numbers rising 26 August 2015

Better educated and living longer—but welfare services still key to participation for some groups 20 August 2015

1 in 5 Australians affected by multiple chronic diseases 12 August 2015

Nurse and midwife registration numbers up—but more seeking work 11 August 2015

Benchmarks set to measure cardiac care and outcomes for Indigenous Australians 4 August 2015


Youth detainees most likely to return to sentenced youth justice supervision 24 July 2015

Cancer death rate projected to decrease over next decade 23 July 2015

Most people with arthritis report having multiple chronic conditions 14 July 2015


Hospitals spending tops $55 billion a year 23 June 2015

Bowel cancer screening program participation rates rising 22 June 2015

Over 321,000 people use disability support services 17 June 2015

Maternal deaths low in Australia, but Indigenous women remain at greater risk 10 June 2015

Cost and location impact access to health care for people with disability 4 June 2015


Demand for housing assistance grows; more seeking rent assistance and social housing waiting lists remain long 29 May 2015

1 in 7 Australians affected by arthritis 15 May 2015

Homelessness services the key to public housing tenancies for many vulnerable people 13 May 2015

Injury death rates decline in decade to 2009–10 12 May 2015

Children receiving protection services up 6%, three-quarters are repeat clients 8 May 2015

Asthma preventer inhalers under-used in Australia 5 May 2015

Cervical cancer reduced due to screening 1 May 2015


Primary health care contacts at Indigenous health organisations up by 13% 30 April 2015

Numbers and rates of young people under supervision declining 29 April 2015

Drug treatment program clients increasingly older—more treated for amphetamine use 24 April 2015

Indigenous Australians—100,000 years of life lost to premature death each year 10 April 2015

Growth in use of pharmacotherapy treatment for drug dependence slows 9 April 2015


Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease risk factors common among Australians 25 March 2015

Mental health services spending on the rise 20 March 2015

Australia’s hospital admissions rising 19 March 2015

New report looks at aged care service use in final years of life 18 March 2015

Chronic disease responsible for most deaths in older age groups, suicide in young people 13 March 2015


Hearing loss and ear conditions common among Indigenous children—but some improvements seen 26 February 2015


Most fatal burden of disease caused by cancer and cardiovascular disease 30 January 2015