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National public hospital establishments database (NPHED)

  • The National Public Hospital Establishments Database (NPHED) is based on the National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) for Public hospital establishments. It holds establishment-level data for each public hospital in Australia, including public acute hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, drug and alcohol hospitals and dental hospitals in all states and territories.
  • The NPHED is compiled from data supplied by the state and territory health authorities. It is a collection of electronic records for public hospitals within Australia. All records are based on information collected for financial years.
  • Data is held for the years 1993-94 onward.
  • Almost all public acute and public psychiatric hospitals in Australia are included.
  • The National health data dictionary definitions form the basis of the database, ensuring a high standard of data comparability.

Main data elements included in the NPHED

The data elements listed below form part of the National Minimum Data Set for Public Hospital Establishments.

  • Revenues
    • Patient revenues
    • Recoveries
  • Staffing levels
    • Full time equivalent staff
  • Expenditure
    • Salaries and wages
    • Depreciation
    • Interest payments
    • Drug supplies
  • Other
    • Number of available beds for admitted patients
    • Geographical location of establishment
    • Specialised service indicators
    • Type of non-admitted patient care

Please see METeOR for information on the Public hospital establishments National Minimum Data Set (NMDS).


The annual Australian hospital statistics reports on hospital activity and operations have included analyses of the majority of the data elements included in this collection since 1993-94.

The latest report in the series is Australian hospital statistics 2012-13.

Chapter 4 Australia's hospital resources presents an overview of public hospitals, covering the number and types of hospitals and availability of beds. Also, the chapter describes public hospitals in terms of public hospital expenditure and revenue, the number of full time equivalent staff employed and specialised services provided.

Earlier data on public hospitals have been reported and can be accessed online via the Australian hospital statistics page.

National public hospital establishments data service

The AIHW provides extracts of data from the National public hospital establishments database (NPHED) on request. A charge may apply. The amount charged will depend on the extract requirements and the complexity of the analysis undertaken.

Confidentialised data based on records included in the collection are available for a range of health service research and planning purposes.

To request data from this collection please contact the AIHW.

Additional information and limitations

  • The actual definitions used by the data providers may vary from year to year and between jurisdictions and sectors. Comparisons between the states and territories, reporting years and hospital sectors should be therefore made with caution.
  • Public hospitals operated by the Department of Defence, correctional facilities and hospitals located in off-shore territories are not included.