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Hospital data can be accessed in the AIHW's annual Australian hospital statistics publications that summarise the characteristics and activity of Australian hospitals.

How many hospitals are there?

The numbers of public and private hospitals in Australia change over time, as new hospitals are built, older hospitals are decommissioned and facilities are either declared hospital, or have their hospital status revoked. 

For more information, see the list of public and private hospitals in Australia as at 30 June 2013 in Appendix A of Australian hospital statistics 2012-13.

Sources of hospital data

The information presented in the Australian hospital statistics reports are based on data provided annually by the state and territory health authorities and collated by the AIHW.

The hospital-related databases held by the AIHW are:

Online hospital data

The AIHW publishes data cubes and spreadsheets based on a number of data collections:

Other information

Customised data analysis

If you are looking for statistics that are not available in publications or data cubes, we also offer a data request service. Customised tables can be provided, subject to data quality and
confidentiality requirements, from a range of AIHW-held databases. Please note that a fee may apply for this service.

Data quality

States and territories are primarily responsible for the quality of the data they provide. However, the AIHW undertakes extensive validations on receipt of data, and potential errors are queried with jurisdictions. Corrections and resubmissions may be made in response to these queries. Except as noted, the AIHW does not adjust data to account for possible data errors or missing or incorrect values.