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The AIHW holds a range of data across health, housing and community services, which are used to produce the many reports, bulletins, on-line content and data products (such as data cubes and SAS VA products) available on the AIHW family of websites. A list of the current data holdings is published as Appendix 6 of our Annual report 2015–16.

Availability of data

The AIHW is committed to providing statistical information that governments and the community can use to promote discussion and make decisions on health, housing and community services. At the same time the AIHW is also committed to ensuring that data privacy and confidentiality is maintained. Because of this, there may be restrictions or special conditions governing the public availability of data holdings. Under the confidentiality provisions contained in the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987, and also under the Privacy Act 1988, there are some data holdings that cannot be made publicly available. Access to other data sets may be available subject to special approval, which in some of these cases must be given by the data providers themselves. In other instances, access is available by means of tables prepared by the AIHW in response to specific requests (charges apply in these cases.)

For more information see Privacy of data.