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The following data tables and cubes contain detailed health and public health expenditure information.

The AIHW offers a customised data request for access to statistics that are not available in published reports, tables, dynamic data displays or data cubes. Note there is a charge for custom data requests.

Health expenditure data cubes

Expenditure on health is presented in two data cubes. The first cube shows health expenditure for Australia from 1985-86 in current and constant price terms. The second cube shows total health expenditure by each jurisdiction from 1996-97 in current and constant price terms.

Note: Cubes open in new window.

For information about the data items in the data cubes see Health expenditure in Australia 2014–15.

For assistance on how to use the data cubes, see the Guide to the AIHW health expenditure data cubes (917KB PDF).

Additional data regarding the Australian Government payments to the states and territories:

Prior to 2009–10, these data split the specific purpose payments (SPPs) to states and territories for public hospitals into Australian Health Care Agreements funding and other SPPs.

Under the financial arrangements agreed by Council of Australian Governments in November 2008, there was a rationalisation of the number of payments to the states and territories, reducing the number of major SPPs from over 90 to 5, of which one is the National Healthcare Agreement. The Australian Government also provides National Partnership payments to fund specific projects.

Public health expenditure data cubes

Total Australian, state and territory government expenditure on public health activities is presented in two types of data cubes. The cubes look at what is spent on public health from two perspectives—funding and expenditure.

Note: Cubes open in new window.