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Data and information from the AIHW


Most AIHW data and information is published as reports and bulletins. All our publications are listed in Publications, or in individual subject areas.

Data cubes and data spreadsheets

Some subject areas also contain data released in the form of SAS data cubes and data spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel).

Please Contact the AIHW if you require these data in other formats.

Data linking

The AIHW can provide researchers and policy-makers with secure access to linked data to investigate vital health topics.

Customised data analysis

If you are looking for statistics that are not available in publications or data cubes, we also offer a data request service. Customised tables can be provided, subject to data quality and confidentiality requirements, from a range of AIHW-held databases. Please note that a fee may apply for this service.

Media inquiries

Media contacts

General inquiries

Contact the AIHW

Using AIHW data

Most information released by AIHW is made available under a Creative Commons BY 3.0 licence. Creative Commons cc-by

For more information, see: www.aihw.gov.au/copyright/.

In some cases, you may be advised that information will be released under a more restrictive licence, with conditions about information use. This may mean that you are not permitted to:

  • share, to copy, distribute, publish or transmit the material unless the AIHW has expressly agreed that you can do this
  • commercialise or use the material for commercial purposes unless the AIHW has agreed that you can do this
  • infringe the AIHW’s moral rights and intellectual property in the material.

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