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This is a list of the data available across subject areas on aihw.gov.au. In most cases, data will be in contained in SAS data cubes or data spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel).

Please contact the AIHW if you require these data in other formats.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework 2014 data
Adoptions data
Aged care data
Alcohol and other drugs data
Cancer data
Children's Headline Indicators
Child protection data
Data sources for monitoring health conditions
Deaths data at AIHW
Disability services data cubes
Expenditure data
Fixing Houses for Better Health (FHBH) data cubes
Hospitals data
Indigenous Australians data
International collaboration—the World Health Organization Australian Collaborating Centre
Maternal and perinatal data
Medical Indemnity national data cubes
METeOR, AIHW's Metadata Online Registry
National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse
National Aged Care Places Stocktake Reporting Tool
Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act (ROACA) data cubes
Regional Aged Care Profiles Tool
National Core Maternity Indicators
National framework for protecting Australia’s children
National Indicator Catalogue
National public hospital establishments database (NPHED)
National Youth Information Framework (NYIF)
Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) collection data cubes
Workforce data