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There are several ways you can keep up to date with us.

Our email notification services and news feeds include headlines, summaries, and links to online content.

Our announcement-only email notification services are low-volume (averaging 1-3 messages per week) and automatically notify you of the latest AIHW news.

Our news feeds, or RSS (Really Simple Syndication), allow you to see when we've added new content to our website, so you don't have to visit our website to look for it.

Receiving email notices

Simply click on a link to one of our email notification services, type in your name, email address, and select your area of interest. You can choose to stop receiving email notices at any time.

Using our news feeds

To use this service, you will need feed reader software. This software keeps track of feeds and any new articles that have been added to a feed. Once you've installed the software, you can add one of our feeds to your reader by clicking on the feed link then dragging the feed address (URL) into your reader, or cutting and pasting the same address into your reader. Here are a few feed reader software links to help you get started:

Further information