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Community aged care packages and community options projects (called linkages projects in Victoria) are the two brokerage or case management components of the community care sector. Both aim to provide intensive home based care to people who would otherwise require, or be at risk of requiring, residential care.

Community options projects were first piloted in the mid to late 1980s, with full implementation following a national evaluation in 1992. It was originally an Australian Government (Commonwealth) funded initiative, but is now provided through the joint Commonwealth/State funded Home and Community Care Program.

Community aged care packages were first piloted in 1989 and formally introduced in 1992 as an Australian Government (Commonwealth) funded initiative. The funding from this program originates from the residential aged care program. It provides a coordinated package of care to care recipients with complex needs who are eligible for low level residential care. Approval must be given by an Aged Care Assessment Team before the coordinated package of care can be provided.

In 1997, the AIHW produced a report for the Department of Health and Family Services comparing the service provided by CACPs (using data from a 1996 survey) with that provided by Community Options services (with data from a 1994 survey):

  • Mathur S, Evans A & Gibson D 1997. Community aged care packages: how do they compare? Department of Health and Family Services, Aged and Community Care Service Development and Evaluation Reports No. 32. Canberra: AGPS.

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