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80.3 years

Is the life expectancy for a boy born between 2012 and 2014. A girl can expect to live to 84.4 years.

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Of Australians aged 15 and over considered themselves to be in 'good' health or better in 2014–15.  Among OECD countries, Australia ranks behind only New Zealand (90%), Canada (89%) and the United States (88%) on this measure.

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Accounted for 19% of the burden of disease in Australia in 2011, followed by cardiovascular disease (15%), mental and substance-use disorders (12%), musculoskeletal disorders (12%) and injury (9%).

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Coronary heart disease

Death rates fell by 75% over the 3 decades from 1983 to 2013, but CHD is still the leading single cause of death in Australia, accounting for 13% of all deaths in 2013. 

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Of Australian adults (11.2 million people) were overweight or obese in 2014–15. Of these, 4.9 million were obese.

Just over 1 in 4 (26% or 750,000) children aged 5–14 and nearly 4 in 10 (37% or 1.1 million) young people aged 15–24 were overweight or obese.

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Of Australians aged 14 and over have never smoked, and 81% of young people aged 15–24 have never smoked.

More than 1 in 5 (22%) people aged 14 and over have never drunk alcohol.

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Indigenous Australians

Are 3.5 times as likely to have diabetes, 5 times as likely to have end-stage kidney disease, twice as likely to die from an injury, and twice as likely to have coronary heart disease as non-Indigenous Australians.

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$155 billion

Was spent on health in Australia in 2013–14. Spending grew by 3.1% from 2012–13 to 2013–14.