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The Australian Hospital Statistics Advisory Committee advises the Institute on the compilation of its annual Australian Hospital Statistics reports and on data development work related to hospitals. It includes an invited expert and representatives of each of the state and territory health authorities, the Australian Department of Health, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Private Health Insurance Administration Council, the Australian Healthcare Association, the Australian Private Hospitals Association, the Department of Veterans' Affairs, the Clinical Casemix Committee of Australia and the National Centre for Classification in Health. 

Terms of reference:

To advise the Australian Institute of Health and welfare on:

  • the collection, analysis and dissemination of national hospital statistical information (including performance indicators) through the annual Australian Hospital Statistics, 
  • alignment of statistical information on hospitals in Australian Hospital Statistics and related AIHW reports such as the Health Expenditure Australia series, and 
  • data development work for national hospital statistics.


    Jenny Hargreaves


The Committee comprises of nominees from:

  • Each of the State and Territory Health Authorities
  • The Commonwealth Department of Health
  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • The Department of Veteran's Affairs
  • The National Centre for Classification in Health
  • The Australian Healthcare Association
  • The Australian Private Hospitals Association
  • The Private Health Insurance Administration Council
  • And two experts in epidemiology, health economics or other relevant areas.