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The Residential aged care and aged care packages in the community 2011–12 web pages, tables and cubes provide detailed statistical information on residential aged care facilities and community care services and the recipients of residential aged care, Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH), Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia (EACHD) and Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs) during 2011–12.

This package of information replaces the two series of reports Residential aged care in Australia and Aged care packages in the community.

In addition to the information provided in these pages and the supplementary tables, charts and data cubes, a request for customised information can be made to the AIHW’s National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse.

In June 2013, the Living Longer Living Better package of legislation was passed by the Australian parliament. The data presented here reflect the programs in place during 2011–12.

The aged care sector

$12.9 billion expenditure PNG

At least $12.9 billion

was spent by the Australian and state and territory governments on aged
care services in 2011–12.

3 in 4 aged care places in residential care PNG

3 in 4

government-subsidised aged care places at 30 June 2012 were in residential aged care, with the remainder in community care.

Aged care recipients

7 in 10 admitted in 3 months of approval PNG

7 in 10

people approved through the Aged Care Assessment Program for government-subsidised residential aged care were admitted within 3 months of approval.

3 in 4 residential aged care residents aged over 80 PNG

Over 3 in 4

residential aged care clients at 30 June 2012 were 80 years or older.

d5 1 in 2 residents needed high level care PNG

Nearly 1 in 2

people in permanent residential aged care required high-level care to manage behaviour.

Indigenous CACP vs non-Indigenous PNG


of Indigenous Community Aged Care Package recipients were aged 65 or under, compared with 4% for non-Indigenous recipients in the same age group.

50% short term care PNG

Just under 50%

of admissions for residential aged care over 2011–12 were for short term respite care.

Over 1 in 6 people leaving permanent care stayed >5 years PNG

Over 1 in 6

people who left permanent residential aged care during 2011–12 had stayed more than 5 years.


Over 50% permanent residents had dementia PNG

Over 50%

of permanent residents in Australian Government-subsidised aged care facilities had a diagnosis of dementia.

Over 30% of people on EACH remained on the package until they died PNG

Over 30%

of people receiving extended care at home remained on the package until they died.

Aged care facilities

50% of residential aged care facilities had 61+ places

Nearly 50%

of residential aged care facilities in 2012 had 61 or more places, compared with 20% in 2000.

Over 3 in 4 aged care services were not for profit PNG

Over 3 in 4

community care service outlets were not for profit organisations.