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An independent review of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

In late 2015, the Nous Group conducted a review of the role and purpose of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. The review examined the Institute’s business model, product range and funding model; and its internal governance and organisation, with a focus on how to optimise the Institute’s future contribution. It followed a period of uncertainty about the future of the Institute, changes in the senior management team and the planned move of the health performance and accountability reporting functions from the former National Health Performance Authority to the Institute by July 2016. It also recognised the rapidly changing environment in which the AIHW operates.

The report, Independent Review of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, highlights that the AIHW is well positioned for its future in a number of key dimensions, including being respected for our independence and ethical frameworks, professional staff and high quality products and services. It also provides constructive recommendations about how we might build on our strengths and best position ourselves in future.

The AIHW has already taken action in response to some of the main Review recommendations and also in response to other, broader, environmental changes.  In particular the Institute has been developing its 2017–2021 Strategic Directions document to clarify our future vision and goals.  We have also been undertaking preliminary work to develop a roadmap to achieve those goals and actively engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to understand their needs and build awareness of the Institute’s functions.

We welcome the Report and look forward to further enhancing the Institute’s impressive capabilities to support the improved health and wellbeing of Australians.


Barry Sandison
Institute Director (CEO)