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This series examines expenditure on health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and compares this with health expenditure for the non-Indigenous Australian population. The series examines health resource distribution and funding by levels of government, the private sector, by region and by primary and secondary/tertiary health care. Estimates are compared with estimates for previous years.

Data comparability over time

Care should be taken in reviewing changes over time as the methodology for some of the estimates has changed.

Since the 2004–05 report in this series, expenditure on high care residential aged care services has been classified as welfare expenditure.

Since the 2006–07 report in this series, there has been a change in the method for estimating MBS and PBS expenditure. From 2006–07, Medicare Voluntary Indigenous Identifier (VII) data have been used to estimate expenditure on medical services, such as general practitioner (GP), specialist, pathologist, and imaging services, and PBS and RPBS pharmaceuticals provided to Aboriginal and Torrres Strait Islander people.